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Luis Niñerola Cornado has dedicated his life to the development of a new concept of architecture which is completely different to the new technocratic and superficial tendencies that are restrictively imposed upon society. A New Architecture that aims to recover the existing biological connection between habitats and their inhabitants with the universal subtle energies; an architecture which is responsible for the plenitude of life; a practical and holistic philosophy which hopes to nurture the invisible, indivisible and forgotten link that human beings can and have to establish with their surroundings. The tools to be used in this adventure are the profound knowledge of the history of architecture, the correct use of the ecological and socio-ecological technologies, the use of renewable energies, the practical application of the earth’s own natural processes and the acquisition of old Celtic and eastern traditions; a travel in time in order to go back to feeling part of the planet and the universe; a study of the subtle energies which surround us and which determine our reality.

Luis Niñerola Cornado was born in 1949 in Merza, a small village in Galicia. From the year 1958, he lived in Cambrils; a small coastal town in Catalonia where he found the necessary peace and tranquillity to continue his work. He is currently the director and co-founder of ARQUIWORLD, an architecture workshop which allows him to put his own way of understanding the projection of architectural habitats into practice.

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